Hospital Bienfaisance of Pignon

Hospital Bienfaisance is a modern 65 bed hospital that serves the 145,000 people in the north and central plateau of Haiti. The hospital has two state of the art operating rooms, a full lab facility, endoscopy, mammogram and x-ray capabilities, a complete pharmacy and a feeding program for patients. The hospital seeks to provide on-going training for doctors, nurses and specialty personnel while serving the poor and underserved in the region. Hospital Bienfaisance exists to serve those in need as well as provide modern facilities for those who can pay a portion or pay in full.

Over the last 25 years, Hospital Bienfaisance has moved from 7% of patients contributing to payment of medical expenses to over 45% of patients paying part or all of their healthcare expenses! That is a phenomenal accomplishment in the midst of extreme poverty and few resources.

This hospital and mission is made possible by the generous support of people and partners across the United States. Join us and serve the poorest of the poor, keep babies alive, treat epidemic diseases like cholera and HIV/AIDS, and bring hope in a sometimes hopeless culture. Donate now and help build a healthy and hope-filled future for the people of Pignon!

Hospital_patient.jpegDr. Guy and team have reiterated that this is the “Lord’s Hospital” and all are ready and willing to serve the poor and underserved in Haiti. Dr. Batsch, the hospital's Medical Director uses this quote “To Serve, you only need a Heart full of Grace, and a Soul generated by Love.” (M. L. King Jr)

And from Dr. Guy: “Many groups have contributed to the making of our Hospital. Pignon is the Lord’s place and belongs to all mission groups working with us. The Lord is our Master.” Dr Guy


Support the hospital and work in Pignon by making an online, tax-deductible donation.


(Above) Main operating room
(Left) Dr. Batsch with endoscopy equipment

HOSPITAL STATISTICS 2010 2011 2012 2013
Patients Seen: 36,831 31,868 35,857 39,166
Surgeries 596 523 560 432
Deliveries 1,625 (153 c-sections) 1,736 (166 c-sections) 1,668 (223 c-sections) 1,386 (141 c-sections)
Lab Tests 35,194 35,898 30,231 33,576
X-Rays 13,935 6,283 6,231 7,020
Dental Patients 6,182 6,506 6,422
Maternal mortality rate at the hospital 341/100,000 242/100,000 239/100,000 239/100,000
Maternal mortality rate in Haiti 630/100,000 630/100,000 350/100,000 350/100,000
HIV Tests from 2003-2011 33,882 (cumulative) 2,308 (in 2012) 3,694
HIV patients currently under treatment 326 514 402
Patients seen and treated 4,745 449 169
Patients deceased 34 2 1
Doctors 31 14 14
Nurses 9 13 13
Nurses Aides 35 49 49
Lab Techs 9 9 9
X-Ray Techs 3 4 4
Pharmacy 6 3 3
Other 184 174 147
Medicine $181,571 $137,008
Medical Supplies $70,899 $45,611
Fuel (for hospital generators) $56,302 $58,584 $45,000
Salaries $398,000 $401,410

Support the hospital and work in Pignon, by making an online, tax-deductible donation.