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Unlike the US health care system, in Haiti there is not a prevalent health insurance sector or government subsidized health care programs, leaving many Haitians unable to afford quality health care. Promise for Haiti's newest program allows you to connect directly with Haitians in need of quality health care, by becoming a Health Partner.

Here is how it works: As a Health Partner, your monthly donation provides needed health care for your Health Partners for an entire year. Your Haitian partners are enrolled in a Health Development Account (or HDA) when they contribute a small amount towards the account each year ($1-$20 per family) and your partnership fills the rest of the account. When they are in need of health care, they access their account at Hospital Bienfaisance and present their HDA card as payment for preventive and curative health care services.

Join us to become a Health Partner of a person or family today, and help them afford high-quality health care services in Haiti!

Health Partner Levels
Donations can be made annually or monthly.

$200/year provides a single person with health care for one year

$400/year provides two people with health care for one year

$800/year provides a small family with health care for one year

$1000/year provides a large family with health care for one year 

 (Click on the dollar amount to start your HDA account today)

As a Health Partner, Promise for Haiti will provide you with a profile of your partners (see below for an example) and periodic updates on those you are supporting.  If you ever travel with us to Pignon, we would be delighted to have you meet the family you are sponsoring!

Beatrice* and her daughters (pictured above) are a part of the Health Partner program. Beatrice was in desperate need of medical care as she was battling an ongoing illness and fever that she was unable to shake. With her inability to afford care, she traveled to a free clinic to receive care, but was unable to be rid of her sickness. Once enrolled in the Health Partner program, Beatrice visited Hospital Bienfaisance and received the necessary care to be healed. When asked what it was like before she was in the program, her bright and infectious smiled vanished as she flatly explained "I was suffering." Now a part of the Health Partner program though, Beatrice exactly tells us that she can care four her daughters and help them excel through skill (only affording their school because of the money saved in this program).
*Beatrice's name is changed for privacy.

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