Promise for Haiti works hand-in-hand with the Comite Bienfaisance de Pignon (CBP) to make our mission a reality. Promise for Haiti is responsible for fundraising, coordinating trips for teams of volunteers to work in Pignon, public relations, as well as collaborating with CBP to plan strategically for the future.


Ashley Bruce (Belmont, NC) 
615-864-0818 | Ext 0

Director of Development

Caleb Bailey (Katy, Texas) 
615-864-0818 | Ext 3

Director of Communications & Director of H.E.L.P. (Haitian Education & Literacy Program)

Kimber Bailey-Scott (Albuquerque, NM) 
615-864-0818 | Ext 2

Assistant H.E.L.P. Director

Megan Traxel (Ames, IA) 
615-864-0818 | Ext 3

Promise for Haiti Board of Directors

Guy Théodore MD, FACS - (Pignon, Haiti) Founder & Field Director - 

Omer L. Shedd, MD, FACC, FHRS (Charlotte, NC) President -

Doug Grunder (Mt. Vernon, IA) - Vice President

Rod Smallwood (Belmont, NC) - Treasurer - 

Ron Nomeland (Fargo, ND) - Secretary

Sue Ishee (Nashville, TN)
Will Smith (Little Rock, AR)
John Constantine (Washington, DC)
Joel Harris, MD (Summit, WI)

Advisory Board

Marvin Loyd DDS (Lake Village, AR)
Rev. Walter (Bubba) Smith (Hot Springs, AR) - past President
Siri Fiebiger MD, MPH (Fargo, ND) - past President
Jim Birong DDS (Carrollton, OH)
Larry Madole (Johnston, Iowa)
Evelyne Moise, MD (Port au Prince, Haiti)

Comité Bienfaisance de Pignon Directors

Dr. Guy Théodore - Founder & Field Director
Marie-Adele Romelus - Deputy Field Director
Fr. Romel Eustache - President
Cleguy Colas - Vice President
Henri Clowde Crepin - Asst. Vice President
Fr. Jethro Noel - Secretary
Obercio Bell - Treasurer
John Constantine
Jean Jumeau Batsch, MD
Emmanuel Sylvestre
Elusma Desuis
Ernest Noel
Louidestine Constantin

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