Promise For Haiti's Mission with Healthcare

About Hospital Bienfaisance of Pignon.


Hospital Bienfaisance ​provides healthcare​ for people in the northern Central Plateau of Haiti ​and seeks​ to provide ongoing training for doctors, nurses and specialty personnel while serving the poor and underserved in the region. The hospital is a modern 65 bed hospital with two operating rooms, a full lab facility, endoscopy, x-ray, and a complete pharmacy.  Hospital Bienfaisance exists to serve and provide care for all who walk in the door-- whether or not one can pay will not exclude someone from receiving care. Promise for Haiti subsidize​s​ the hospital’s costs incurred by providing services to those who cannot afford the care in-full or at all. We can only do this with the generous support of people and partners across the United States and within the Haitian community.

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Unlike the US health care system, in Haiti there is not a prevalent health insurance sector or government subsidized health care programs, leaving many Haitians unable to afford quality health care. 

Here is how it works: As a Health Partner, your monthly donation provides needed health care for your Health Partners for an entire year. Your Haitian partners are enrolled in a Health Development Account (or HDA) when they contribute a small amount towards the account each year ($1-$20 per family) and your partnership fills the rest of the account. When they are in need of health care, they access their account at Hospital Bienfaisance for preventive and curative health care services.  Sponsor a family in Haiti.

Join us today and become a Health Partner of a person or family today, and help them afford high-quality health care services in Haiti!

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Other Programs

Cholera Clinic

Cholera Clinic

The earthquake in October of 2010 and with Hurricane Matthew in 2016, a nationwide Cholera epidemic has hit Haiti and is expected to get worse. The Cholera Clinic has been established at the hospital to continue to treat patients with this deadly but curable disease. The need continues as Cholera is expected to plague the country for years before it is once again eradicated. Treatments for Cholera and prevention education continue to be a high priority around fresh water supply & sanitation. Everyone has the right to clean water.
Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

Promise for Haiti has partnered with Comite Bienfaisance to operate a Dental Clinic on Hospital Bienfaisance grounds. The Clinic is staffed by three full-time Haitian dentists and offers a full range of dental services including crowns, bridges, and fillings for thousands of patients annually. With thanks to many supporters and partners we can help bring healthy smiles to thousands of patients in Pignon Haiti every year!
Eye Clinic

Eye Clinic

Pictured is one of the many children of Pignon whose life was touched by the efforts of the Vision Mission Team that saw 1,206 patients last year. All patients were screened for eyeglasses and glaucoma, 586 received eye glasses, 52 had cataract and laser surgeries, 250+ were treated for glaucoma and numerous patients were treated for eye injuries and infections.

The clinic remains as a part of the Hospital Bienfaisance establishment and will continue to see thousands of patients from Pignon Haiti in the years to come.
Community Health

Community Health

Promise for Haiti is not only committed to providing healthcare through the facilities of Hospital Bienfaisance in Pignon, but is committed to bringing needed services to the people in the north central plateau of Haiti. Hospital Bienfaisance operates and maintains two remote satellite clinics and trains healthcare workers and midwives, which serve the entire catchment area of 145,000 people. Medical mission work is still needed to help support the effort.

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    Start a Fundraiser

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    Gifts In-Kind

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